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Final Notice Recovery/Phantom Recovery - Texas

State : Texas

Phone: 605-336-3156 and 605-338-9653

Fax: 605-339-0489


Description :


Final Notice specializes in recovery services for financial institutions. We handle accounts for large banks and financing companies. Our recovery services include everything imaginable. We have performed recovery service for cars/autos, trucks, boats, and other water vehicles, and even airplanes.

Final Notice has developed an extensive database to locate property. As far as locating requested property, we have the ability to find electric, phone, water, cable, and satellite services that are registered in the consumer’s name. We have also linked into a database that allows us to find published and non-published numbers, including all major cellular telephone numbers, and pull tolls on these numbers. We also have the MPH-900 Automatic License Plate reader which allows us to track and record over 300,000 license plates daily. Some of the features of the MPH-900 include:


  • Captures up to 3,600 reads per minute, day or night
  • Processes parked and moving vehicles across 4 lanes of traffic
  • Captures plates at up to 120mph closing speeds and passing speeds
  • Recognizes plates from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and reads Arabic characters


Therefore, giving us and our client an extreme advantage over the competition and the debtor. This service is available in the San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin areas.

Along with this innovative approach we have devised several methods that are essential in locating the collateral. We believe our resources and talent are the most effective and innovative in the state. The one on one service that you will receive is undoubtedly the best in the area.

The Final Notice fleet of trucks is customized for the repossession industry. Each truck includes rear cameras, GPS units and on-board computers. Final Notices is as technically advanced as anyone out there.

Like any company, at times, Final Notice does get flooded with paperwork, but Final Notice will diligently persevere through and give each account the proper attention it deserves.

Given the chance, Final Notice will not only prove to be a great asset to your collection arsenal, we will also develop a strong, friendly relationship and assist you in any way we can.


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